Your Wedding Film Investment 

with us

Our goal is to capture a detailed and atmospheric account of the day, masterfully setting the scene, covering all the details from the time we arrive to the time we depart. You spend months planning that one special day, which will become not just a date in a family calendar, but a beautiful beginning of a journey ahead. I spend time with my clients and discuss every single aspect of the day and any cultural rituals that might be involved in order to capture the events in most suitable and unobtrusive manner. After all, every story deserves a careful individual approach, where no small detail would be left out, bacause you though of it, it will be in Your Wedding Film.

Please note that all our individual pricing & packages include a 20% discount to reflect the pictures & videography usage for marketing purposes/ self promotion in public domains including but not limited to social media platforms and online advertising.

Keep it simple  
In a nutshell:
*One cinematographer on the day
*5 hours of filming
*Covers 2 locations and travel between them
*One DVD presentation copy
*Tripod and slider shooting
This is a basic package that starts with guests arriving to the Church/ Venue and covers guests mingling, Bride arriving to Church/ Venue, the Ceremony itself, departure to the Wedding venue and moments at the venue before you sit down for your Wedding Breakfast. It captures all the key moments of the day and sets up a lovely feel of the scenery and surrounding areas of the Venue(s). We also do our best to fit personal 1-2-1 time with the bride and groom at the venue for lovely soulful video of them interracting and enjoying the day on their own as well as with their family and friends. This package is perfect for a low key intimate affair. Only one cinematographer on the day. Parents will be able to purchase their own copy upon the requests. Quotes are provided individually. Please contact us direct. 



       All night long           £1,200
In a nutshell:
*2 Filmmakers on the day covering  
 *2 different angles shot  for a more detailed presentation
* 9 hours of filming
*One DVD presentation  copy
* Handheld stabilising equipment for beautiful smooth hand held camera movements as well as tripod and slider.
*A 5 minute highlights of the day film for you to share on your social sites with your friend and family. 
This package includes filming the bridal preparations, departure to the venue/ Church, arrival at the venue/ Church, the ceremony and Bride and Groom departing to the Venue for Wedding Breakfast. The second shooter covers Groom's prospective of the day: get ready shots of the boys, arrival to Church/ Venue and welcoming the guests, sitting everybody down and awaiting the arrival of the Bride. After the ceremony we are happy to travel to your venue for Wedding Breakfast and for 1-2-1 intimate footage of the newlyweds as well as them enjoying time with their guests. We will stay through the speeches, cover cutting of the cake and depart as soon as 1st dance is over. If you wish for us to stay on a per hour basis we would be happy to and quotes can be obtained for the extra time.
All night long
and then some
In a nutshell 
*2 Filmmakers come on the day covering Bride and Groom getting ready.
*At the venue, different aspects and angles of the event for a more detailed film
* Up to 12 hours of filming the event
*3 beautiful DVD presentation copies for the Couple and both sets of parents
*A 5 minute minifilm (highlights) for you to display on your facebook page and share with your friends
*Use of  specialist Gib for high angle  shots of the venue and handheld stabilising equipment for smoth camera shots. We will also film elements of your Wedding as time lapse on a specialist super slider equipment, which will be included into the film at the apropriate moments. 
Filming starts with Bridal and Groom's preparations at their respective venues. We cover all aspects of the Ceremony and move onto the Venue to capture all the details of interior and exterior of the Venue itself, incorporating different angles to really set the scene. We will cover your guests arrival, where possible shot in real-time and time lapse for a fun energetic feel, then Bride and Groom arriving at the venue and your festivities beginning. The sit down meal and the speeches, cake cutting and 1st dance, your guests having great time and any national traditions you would like to incorporate into your Wedding, will be covered by us masterfully and with as little disturbance as possible for you to really enjoy your Wedding Day. We will even get your friends and family to leave you surprise heartfelt messages of well wishing and love for the future. The only thing we'd ask is for 30 minutes of 1-2-1 footage with us to really capture the feeling of joy and love between you two on the day.